Stocking Stuffers for the CrossFit Enthusiast on Your List

Still scrambling for the perfect gift for the CrossFit enthusiast or swolemate in your life? Well, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you by creating our list of the best stocking stuffers for any hardcore CrossFitter.

And, while these gifts are ideal for a CrossFit athlete, they’re also great gifts for anyone with a love of lifting. Add a few of these awesome stocking stuffers to your own list (or just buy them for yourself – we won’t tell).

Resistance Bands for On-The-Go

Do you know someone who is working hard to pump out pull-ups at home? Or someone who could use a little extra hip mobility work outside the gym? Then check out our set of Repel resistance bands, which includes 6 color-coded bands for a full range of training options. These durable bad boys can do it all – from resistance weight training to pull-up assistance to mobility and stretching. Check out this article to learn more on using resistance bands to maximize your workouts.

Wrist Wraps for Heavy Lifters

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

While CrossFit may get a lot of hype for its insane combinations of gymnastics and high-intensity lifting, let’s not forget the foundation of any badass CrossFit athlete – strength! Prepare yourself for heavy-duty lifting with these heavy-duty Bukiya Oni wrist wraps. When it comes to quality, these wrist wraps are where it’s at. Plus, they’re IPF approved for all you powerlifters.

Speed Ropes for CrossFit Ninjas

Double unders – a necessary rite of passage for any hardcore Crossfitter. And the only way to crank out consistent double unders is with the right speed rope. You can get a basic speed rope on Amazon or upgrade your purchase and check out Rogue’s line of speed ropes. Aside from mastering the elusive double under, jumping rope is a simple way to get in a killer conditioning session.

Deadlift Socks for Fashionable Fitness

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

The key to being a badass? Looking like a badass. Ok, there’s (a lot) more to it than that – but it doesn’t hurt to look awesome when you’re crushing weights. So, if you want to look the part, you’ve got to wear the socks. Our Repel deadlift socks are both fashionable and functional, keeping shins protected through even the toughest WODs. Plus, they’re stretchy, breathable, and all-around good looking. And if you’re a powerlifter, you can also hit the platform wearing these socks because they’re IPF approved.

Foam Rollers for Angry Muscles

Ah, the training tool that hurts so good. While most of our stocking stuffers are designed to be used in the gym, a foam roller is the gift that keeps on giving when you get home. Use a foam roller to work out those tight, sore muscles – and bring a (happy?) tear to your eye in the process. TriggerPoint is one of the most well-known foam roller brands. And they make mini, stocking-sized foam rollers, too!


Get your shopping knocked out and cross that CrossFitter off your list. Go ahead and buy yourself something, too (we won’t tell!). But you don’t have much time – UK customers need to get your orders in by December 20th for your gift to make it in the stocking by Christmas Eve!


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