Calum Von Moger announces he will compete again

Australian bodybuilder and 2015 Mr Universe winner Calum Von Moger has announced on Youtube his intent to return to professional bodybuilding after being out of the game for several years due to injuries including a torn bicep and torn patella. 

Von Moger shot to fame in the mid-2010s after winning a string of amateur bodybuilding titles, and ultimately the WFF Pro Mr Universe title in 2015.  

With his combination of charm, movie star looks, and classic aesthetics Calum became a household name in fitness, amassing a huge social media following well beyond hardcore bodybuilding circles, and even attracting the attention of Hollywood.  
In 2017 he played Arnold Swarzenneger himself in Bigger, a biopic of Joe and Ben Weider, founders of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB).   
But just as his career looked to take off Calum was hit by two serious injuries in quick succession: a torn bicep in November 2017 while attempting a two-man barbell curl, and a serious knee tear in April 2018 while rappelling down a cliff with his older brothers.  
If you have a strong stomach you can watch both injuries happening below.  
Here's the bicep tear... 

...and the knee injury 



For many, these injuries would be career-ending, but Von Moger has been adamant about getting back to peak condition from day one.  

Now it seems he's close to being ready, saying that his ultimate goal right now is to win the classic physique division of the Mr Olympia contest, though he explains this maybe a couple of years off: 
“I’ve decided that I want to take out the Olympia Classic title at least once. I’d love to do it next year, but the reality is it might have to be another year because here are the reasons: 

“First of all, I don’t have my Pro Card, so I would have to do some NPC shows. I think I have to win a few overalls, and then do a Nationals to get my Pro Card. Depending on where I can fit them in with my work and my travels, definitely I can’t do any shows right now.” 
Watch Calum explain his plans in full below: 


Coming back from such serious injuries to win the Olympia would be an incredible achievement, and with his combination of size, aesthetics, and symmetry Calum might just be the man to pull it off. Only time will tell. 

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