Larry Wheels injures ankle on 920lb squat attempt

[VIDEO] Larry Wheels injures ankle on 920lb squat attempt 

 But says he'll still be competing next month 

Champion powerlifter and bodybuilder Larry 'Wheels' Williams suffered a setback in training this week, injuring his ankle during a 920lb squat attempt. This would have been a huge PR for Wheels, and would match the current super heavyweight squat world record held by Ray Williams (no relation). 

Watch the terrifying moment below  
Larry Wheels 920lb squat attempt 


It's unclear how serious the injury was, though in a Youtube video showing the aftermath of the lift Wheels insists it's 'definitely nothing serious' and that he still hopes to beat Eric Lillibridge's all-time world record total in the 308lb weight class – a staggering 1100kg/2425lbs across all three lifts.  

To do so he says he'll 'only' need to squat 860 at his next meet on November 23, a lift he completed in training just a few days ago. 
Larry Wheels 860lb squat in sleeves 

Larry says he's ultimately also aiming to beat another world record: the 1112kg/2452lb total set by Ray Williams (no relation) in the 308+ weight class at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival, though he says he'd need to sink a 920lb squat in competition to do so.  
Watch the aftermath of the injury, and Larry discussing his next steps below. 


At Larry's level, a single slip can mean a career-ending injury. Luckily this one seems fairly minor, and he has 3 weeks to recover before his next meet on November 23.  

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