The Strongest Man in History – Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, Robert Oberst, and Nick Best star in new series

Deadlift world champion and former World's Strongest Man Eddie Hall stars alongside other all-time great strongmen, including 5 times World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw, in a new history series which recreates legendary feats of strength from the past. 

Alongside Eddie and Brian star Nick Best – former world champion powerlifter and current shield carry world record holder, and Robert Oberst – 2 times World's Strongest Man finalist.

The series sees these 4 giants travel across the world recreating, and beating, historical strength records

from the recent past – including a 1224kg carousel lift set by grandfather of strength sports Paul Anderson in 1957 – as well as those that have faded to myth, like pulling a 27,000kg (yes, twenty seven thousand) Viking longboat.

 Watch the trailer below:

The series airs on the History channel at 9pm on Sundays, and can be streamed on the History channel website.

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