British Powerlifting Men's Championships 2018 Results

British Powerlifting Men's Championships 2018 Results

Scores of Britain's strongest men descended on Portsmouth last weekend for the 2018 British Powerlifting men's championships. World records were broken and years of dedication paid off as dozens of athletes put months of intense training cycles into practice, leaving nothing on the platform.

Huge weights, new records

There was stiff competition in the super heavyweight +120kg category. Last year's second place finisher Aaron Thompson improved on his previous total by 30kg, taking it to 890 – an intimidating number which would have tied for first place in 2017.

But the show was stolen by IPF Junior British, Commonwealth, European, and World champion Mark MacQueen. The Scottish MacQueen – known for baring all on social media – put up an eye watering 920kg in his first senior competition, smashing his total in last year's junior championships by 100kg.

There were no surprises in the -120kg class. Last year's winner Tony Cliffe added to his impressive roster of wins, including the IPF European championships, with a total of 917.5 kg, earning him a new British record and the highest Wilks score of the weekend, at 528.

All the weekend's records


Weight class


Elliot Stone


215kg Squat (British Record)

Owen Hubbard


215.5kg Bench Press (IPF World Record)

Josh Edwards


341kg Deadlift (British Record)

Tony Cliffe


235kg Bench Press (British Record)

Tony Cliffe


917.5kg Total (British Record)

Proportional strength

With the ground shaking numbers put up by the heavy weights it's easy to forget that pound for pound strength is unrivaled in the lighter weight categories. In the -59kg category Aftab Uddin deadlifted 205kg – the most impressive pound for pound lift of the competition at 3.47x his body weight.

But the weekend's real highlight came in the form of a huge 215.5kg bench press from -83kg weight class lifter Owen Hubbard – more than 2.5x his body weight – beating his old best by 1kg to set a new IPF world record. After the bench press Hubbard went on to deadlift 280kg for a weight class winning 753kg total – beating rival Jurins Kengamu into second place by 43kg.


Some athletes didn't fare so well. Repel Bullies sponsored athlete Josh Greenfield was at the competition, but failed to make weight due to a bad water cut, which saw him slipping in and out of consciousness at just 2 kilos over the -105kg class cut off.

Despite the setback Josh went on to lift as a guest, putting up a 337kg deadlift and an 820kg total, which would have won him 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the -120kg class. Keep an eye out for him at the Arnold's Classic in Barcelona later this month.

All winners


Weight Class

Lifts (Squat/Bench/Deadlift)


Ben Hampson


180kg /112.5kg /190kg


Elliot Stone


215kg /127.5kg /230kg


Christina Ayandokun


227.5kg /152.5kg /275kg


Owen Hubbard


257.5kg /215.5kg /280kg


Hendrik Famultimi


262.5kg /172.5kg /307.5kg


Robert Rees


272.5kg /190kg /325kg


Tony Cliffe


332.5kg /235kg /350kg


Mark MacQueen


365kg /207.5kg /347.5kg


Image: White Lights Media & Mark MacQueen

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