Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence Breaks Her Previous Squatting Record Hitting 258.5kg (570lbs)

Amanda Lawrence has been making 2018 her record-breaking year and is planning to take that mindset into 2019. In the past three months, Lawrence has hit some significant milestones in her career and has set new records for her weight group. That started in October when she broke two American nation-wide records during her participation in the USAPL Raw Nationals. In the second attempt squats she hit the 238.5kg mark, and in the third attempt deadlifts she was able to lift 245kg.

Lawrence was able in a recent squat video that she posted on her Instagram profile to take her weights up to 258.5kg, which is 20kg higher than her USAPL record, and exceeds the IPF world record for her weight group (-84kg) by around 45kg.

Squatting Video

In another video that she posted in late November Lawrence deadlifted a staggering 265kg (585lbs).

Deadlifting Video

Lawrence eyes the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival with such great enthusiasm that she’s been posting her progress using the #roadto600 hashtag for months now, referring to the 600lbs (270kg) milestone that she aims to hit at some point in 2019. She’s also been vigorously preparing for the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival. To that end, Lawrence maintains a preparation squatting program where she squats “three times per week with a low, moderate, and high frequency day,” according to her.

Source: https://barbend.com/amanda-lawrence-squats-570lbs/

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