Singapore Collects 41 Gold Medals and Breaks 6 Asian Records at the 2018 Asian Classic Powerlifting Championship

It seems that when the Singaporean team, consisting of 5 female and 12 male contestants, entered the 2018 Asian Classic Powerlifting Championship a little over a week ago, they had their minds set on owning the competition. The seventeen competitors have collectively garnered a total of 41 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and five bronzes. The championship included 253 athletes from 18 different countries.

The Singaporean team achieved more than just the medals, though. Six Asian records were broken by that team alone.

Here’s a list of the team’s record-breakers for this year followed by some of the other medal winners:

Thor Qian Qi – At only 19, Thor won 4 gold medals, breaking both the junior and the open national records in Singapore for both squatting and bench pressing, hitting 65kg for the former and 130kg for the latter.

Farhanna Farid – At 26 years old and despite the back injury with which she entered the competition, Farhanna now holds the Asian Record for deadlifting having hit the 173kg mark, exceeding the previous record by 13kg.

Men's Team

Norfatris Danial – The 22-year-old male contestant with a gold medal and a silver medal to his name also managed to break two Asian Records in the junior category for men under 83kg, first by achieving a 281kg deadlift, then by topping it with a 293kg deadlift.

Matthew Yap – Matthew is another 19-year-old Singaporean contestant to have left the championship with an Asian Record to complement his gold, silver, and bronze medals, having won one of each. Matthew’s record is in the junior category for men under 74kg, and he broke it by achieving a 248kg squat.

Matthew Yap Video

Venus Tang – Venus, at 25 years old, was able to win one gold medal and three silvers in the women’s Under-57kg Open category.

Carrie Choy – She won four gold medals in the women’s Under-63kg category.

Hiromi Takeuchi – Another four medals in the women’s Under-47kg category. 


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