[VIDEO] Larry wheels squats 900lbs two weeks out from bodybuilding show

[VIDEO] Larry wheels squats 900lbs two weeks out from bodybuilding show

If you want to see something that shouldn't be possible every time you go online, follow Larry Wheels on instagram. The 23 year old powerlifting prodigy's latest feat is a 900lb/408kg squat at around 121kg body weight.

The squat is a 50lb/23kg PR for Larry. What's more he did it just 2 weeks out from his next bodybuilding show – at a time when most athletes are at their weakest due to the extreme weight cuts needed for the stage.

The 900lb squat

A 50lb PR is a near unheard of feat for someone as elite as Larry, who holds multiple all time powerlifting world records in three weight classes. His most impressive record is a 2,275lb/1032kg raw total in the 275lb/125kg weight class, smashing the previous record, held by 'world's stongest pro bodybuilder' Stan Efferding, by 49lbs/22kg.

Larry's 2,275lb world record total


With this kind of performance at just 23 years old Larry is on track to become one of the best powerlifters of all time. If he manages to break into pro bodybuilding at the same time he'll join the ranks of the elite few – such as Stan Efferding and Ronnie Coleman – who've competed at the highest levels in both sports. Watch this space for his latest moves.

IMAGE: Larry Wheels/Instagram

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