Eddie Hall hits back at Photoshop claims

Eddie Hall, Strongman -

Eddie Hall hits back at Photoshop claims

Worlds Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall has hit back at claims he's been using Photoshop to enhance his physique.

Since winning the title in 2017 Eddie has dropped almost 30kg/4.7 stone, documenting his progress on Instagram, and promising to succeed in an unspecified 'new mission' next year.

This has prompted some fitness youtubers to speculate that the strongman may have touched up some images – pointing to possible warping and other artifacts as evidence that the pictures are edited.

Eddie responds

In typical forthright style, Eddie has responded directly to the rumours via his Instagram page. The video below has had the sound removed due to Instagram's policy on swearing, but Eddie's full caption can be found below.



“Just thought I’d throw up a little thank you video. (No sounds as it would get taken down for bad words)

My name was dragged through the mud last week for no good reason, being accused of photoshopping and cheating my fans, for the doubters and the haters, thank you,’ you continue to fuel my fire that enabled me to deadlift 500kg, reach the pinnacle of my sport and become the first WSM from the UK in 24 years.

Here’s a live video and a (screenshot) from a few seconds in that you can take yourself and compare. I’m standing closer to the camera and yes the frame looks warped, but it does on the video screenshot too... maybe it’s the lighting I dont fucking know.

I never have and never will photoshop any of my pictures, what’s the point? People seem to be surprised that underneath the frame of a 6’3” 196kg WSM winner there’s a 164kg muscular physique...... what a bunch of muppets.

I am, however, guilty of choosing good lighting, angles and filters, but never bloating or distorting.. who doesn’t like to look their best in their photos? This video is me at 167kg today, a few kilos heavier and slightly less defined as I’m bulking for something in the new year.

I’ll continue making progress striving towards my goals, supporting my wife and kids and generally being the fucking BEAST! All you doubters, haters and naysayers enjoy staying exactly where you are, hiding behind your keyboards. For everyone else that actually supports me and believes in me, keep being awesome.”

In an industry with such pressure to look your best, and so much money riding on having an impressive physique, Photoshop use is widespread. It's impossible to say for sure if Eddie's pictures are enhances, but the big man's transformation is just as impressive either way.

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