[VIDEO] Eddie Hall boxes his way to a new body for next 'mission'

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[VIDEO] Eddie Hall boxes his way to a new body for next 'mission'

Every click on Eddie Hall's Instagram page is a reminder of the dedication and work ethic that carried him to the World's Strongest Man title. In a few short months he's dropped from the the sleep apnoea inducing 196kg he bulked up to before winning the 2017 World's Strongest Man competition, to a shredded 164kg. To help him on his way Eddie's been boxing twice a week, displaying impressive speed and coordination for such a huge man. 



A recent Instagram post, where Eddie shows off his new ab-replete physique and promises to “succeed on another mission” has led to a raft of speculation, with predictions ranging from a shift to pro bodybuilding to an MMA debut. Fans of either sport will know which is more likely. The sort of weight Eddie's sitting at would be a huge disadvantage in the cage, while the kind of mass he's maintaining with so little body fat make him a natural fit for the bodybuilding stage.



It's hard to describe just how incredible having visible abs at 164kg is. For comparison, current Mr. Olympia – the highest accolade in pro bodybuilding – Shawn Rhoden appears on stage at 108kg, bulking up to 119kg in the off season. While 'mass monster' Ronnie Coleman, who won the title 8 years in a row, competed at between 130 and 135kg, hitting a bloated 145kg at his heaviest off season weight.

In terms of sheer mass, then, it looks like Eddie's all set to make waves, and he's already shown his conditioning game's on point. Watch this space for his next move.

Photos: Eddie Hall/Instagram

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