Hafthor Bjornsson: the World’s Next 500kg Deadlift?

Hafthor Bjornsson: the World’s Next 500kg Deadlift?

Hafthor Bjornsson is a huge star in the world of strength training.

Whether you know him as the 2018 world’s strongest man, or as Game of Thrones’ Gregor Clegane, this larger than life figure is one of the most potential-filled strongmen of all time.

At an enormous 6’9 and 193kg (with abs, no less), Hafthor is on the rise in every are of his life – from training to acting.

With the loss of Eddy Hall from strongman after his recent retirement, Hafthor looks set to take up the mantle of the world’s biggest deadlift.

With a recent performance of 474kg – just 26kg under Halls’ enormous 500kg world record – it seems Thor’s sights are firmly set on dominance. His performances at world’s strongest man continue to improve year-on-year.

This amazing performance at the 2019 Arnold sports fair is one of the most impressive lifts we’ve ever seen. At the time, Hall’s 500kg performance was considered unbeatable but things seem less certain as Thor storms towards the big half-ton mark.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that this lift looks nowhere near a maximum effort. We’re calling this an RPE 9 – there’s definitely more in the tank.

This leaves us with a lot of hope for WSM this year. It isn’t always smart to put all your eggs in the “world record deadlift” basket with WSM’s point-scoring system. However, if we see Thor taking a strong lead, we could see even more ridiculous weights being hoisted!

Strongman has always been a spectacle and we’re used to huge, larger-than-life champions at this point.

From Bill Kazmaier to Mariusz Pudzanowski, the world’s strongest man competition breeds dominant champions. With Bjornsson’s athletic background, ridiculous stats, and consistent performance, are we seeing the rise of this decade’s invincible champion?

Only time will tell with Bjornsson’s peak performance seemingly ahead of him.

I grew up watching World’s Strongest Man every year with my father and his grandmother. It’s a family tradition that has seen countless athletes rise to prominence and, in 2019, the heroes that once dominated the sport have moved on.

Thor is not only one of the most impressive athletes we’ve ever seen in Strongman, but one of the best ambassadors the sport could possibly ask for.

His individual popularity and place in entertainment culture, as well as his personal manner, is a huge benefit to the niche sport of strongman.

We’re hoping to see more success for the big man, more competition, and many chances to break world records. We’re also hoping that this popularity brings more strongman equipment – and training – to gyms around Britain!

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