Adjustable Belt Squat Belt

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Ready to ditch your gym’s bucket of belts? Tall athletes, short athletes and even the big guys can now use just one belt squat belt. The Spud Inc. Adjustable Belt Squat Belt is designed to accommodate lifters of any size with just the pull of a strap. And because it’s from Spud Inc., you know it’s the most comfortable, durable belt out there.


  • Made in America

  • Woven Nylon

  • Weight Capacity: 7,500lbs

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Is the width of this the same as the width of the large non-adjustable Verizon?

    no, the width of the adjustable is only 13cm, rather than 15cm. Not sure why that is, to be honest, maybe a question for Spud :)

  • Is this belt as comfortable as the original non adjustable squat belt. I really want the adjustability but don't won't to sacrifice comfort. Thanks in advance

    Yes this is just as comfortable

  • Can this belt also be used for weighted pull ups and dips? I'd prefer it could be tightened around the waist, much like a deadlift belt, because i wouldn't want to end up having to stick out my bottom the whole time to prevent it from slipping.

    Yes you could do that, the lowest setting on the adjustable belt is 108cm from o-ring to o-ring, so just as long as that would fit tight around your waist. The chain option that comes with this belt is 2' in length, so have a think if this will give you enough length to attach the weights, without it being too close to the crotch area. This is all dependant on your height and weight plate diameter (if not using a landing mine type setup)

  • Hi Is this adjustable belt a better option than choosing a size in the cheaper belt? I wanted to use one with landmine, plates and then maybe pure a barbell strap in the future. Also does it require a chain as there is no option to add one and I cannot find them elsewhere on your website Thanks

    Hi, It does require a chain, we have now added that as an option. :)

    Being adjustable this belt is ideal for a larger variety of exercises and will meet your needs for the ones you have mentioned. It is also great for sharing, as it can be adjusted to fit any size lifter.