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Dragging a sled is punishment enough, so why use a thick belt that restricts your breathing and bites into your hips? The Spud Inc. Sled Pulling Belt is built from strong but soft webbing that’s extremely comfortable and makes transitioning from backward to forward or sideways drags easy.

The Sled Pulling Belt won’t weigh you down when working on footwork that involves quick direction changes, making it perfect for athletes that need to be quick on their toes. And the belt is designed to fit almost any waist size – from the smallest athlete the largest football player.













Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Does the belt come with with the long strap?

    No, this is just for the sled pulling belt only, as shown in the picture.

  • What about with a 32 inch waist. Regular or small? Thanks

    I think the small one might be the better option. The regular would work fine when under tension, but you might find that it slips when not under tension, so when turning around. 

    the size dimensions are as follows:  

    – Small – 52″ x 4″

    – Regular – 57-59″ x 4″

  • I have a 40 inch waist would the regular size be OK or should I get the small size for this spud inc pulling belt,thank you.

    Yes, we would recommend the regular for you.

  • I’m female with a 26inch waist- will the small still work? Thanks

    Its difficult to say, the small is 55" in length. The only problem you might face is slipping when turning around with the belt attached, but we don't have anyone here of a simialr size to try out unfortuntely. If it is the wrong size, you can return it.

  • Hi, Does the belt come with the attachment to connect the belt with the sled tray? Or is this item purely for the belt only?

    This is for the belt only

  • We will be 3 using it, we gravitate from EU waist size 32 female up to 38 male, which model size shall I pick?

    We have updated the sizing for small, I would suggest measuring out the lengths for small and regular to see how these would fit for each lifter.