Spud Inc - Upper Body Sled Strap - Deluxe

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Turn your sled drags into full-body workouts. The Spud Inc. Upper Body Sled Strap - Deluxe enables you to perform dozens of upper body exercises using only your sled. Upright rows, rear delt raises, tricep extensions, bicep curls – almost any upper body movement you can think of, you can do. Made from extremely durable 2-ply woven nylon and with a maximum weight capacity of nearly 800 lbs (360kg), you’ll never need to repair or replace your strap.

The Deluxe Upper Body Sled Strap handles are the same rubber coated steel handle used on many of our other products but sewn into the hand loops of our regular Upper Body Strap. The handles give a more sturdy pressing surface for any upper sled strap exercise you can come up with from bench pressing to neutral grip rows and anything inbetween. It is like getting leather seats in your ride instead of cloth-comfy, cozy and more luxurious for the distinguished sled dragger.

  • Made in USA
  • 2-Ply Woven Nylon
  • 96" x 1"

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Ask a Question
  • Hey Do you need 2 of these or does one have 2 handles?

    it comes with 2 handles