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Introducing our latest Invention...The Barbell Strap

The Barbell Strap attaches to any Barbell, and allows the lifter to carry out a variety of exercises, including...

Hip Belt Squat - This exercise is great for working the legs without putting any stress on the lower back. While this exercise can be performed with the Hip Belt Squat Machine, the Barbell Strap offers a cheaper alternative for performing this much-loved exercise. The Strap comes with a centrally located loop for attaching a Dipping Belt, making this a very simple exercise to set up. No need for boxes to get good depth, unlike when using the loading pins. Watch the Video Below for Demonstration. 

Good Mornings - This exercise is normally performed by placing the Barbell across the back of your shoulders. It can be difficult to locate the Barbell in a comfortable position, especially for the lower position of the exercise. The Barbell Strap can comfortably and securely be rested across the back of your shoulders. Watch the Videos above for a Demonstration. 

Deadlifts - The Barbell Strap offers a great alternative way to carrying out conventional and sumo style Deadlifts. Having the Barbell Strap across the shoulders takes the arms out from the exercise, therefore allowing those with arm or shoulder injuries to still carry out this exercise. Check out the video of Jerry Pritchett doing this exercise here

Zercher Squat - The Zercher Squat is normally performed by placing the Barbell across the front part of your shoulders, which can be uncomfortable for some. The Barbell Strap adds a different spin to this exercise, with the Barbell Strap across the back of the shoulders, the weight is distributed across your back. Yet with the weight of the Barbell located at the front of your body, you still get Quad dominants similar to the Zercher Squat....perhaps this exercise should be known as the Repel Squat. Watch the Video Below for Demonstration. 

The Barbell Strap is made with Industrial Strength Materials - you will break before the strap does. The Barbell Strap comes with the following:

  • Strap with Sewn in D Rings either end
  • 2 O-Rings with Steel Chain for sliding onto the Barbell Sleeves
  • 2 Carbine Hooks for attaching the O-Rings to the D-Rings
  • 1 Carbine Hook to use for dipping belt

Barbell Strap Maximum Weight Limit is  420kg. 

Barbell Strap Instructions

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  • What is the maximum weight that the strap can be used with?

    The maximum weight we tested this with was 420kg. If you look through the product images you'll see the picture we took with 420kg on the bar. We didn't have anyone strong enough to lift this amount, so we suspended the weight by passing a power rack safety pin through the barbell strap central loop.