Repel Bullies Knee Sleeves

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  • Repel Bullies Knee Sleeves have been made with 7mm thick high-grade Neoprene. This gives them exceptional thermal qualities around the knee joint.
  • Manufactured from one single piece of high-grade Neoprene, with only one continuous seam. This construction method means they can withstand being under high tension; therefore offering the lifter the tightest fit possible, for maximum support during heavy lifts. 

Repel Bullies Knee Sleeves are ideal for all types of resistance training; worn at the start of a training session allows the joints to quickly warm up, therefore reducing the risk of injury to the knee joint. 

These have been tested by IPF Powerlifter Josh Greenfield. Josh currently holds the World Record for Squats. His only concern with the Repel Bullies Knee Sleeves is that they are not IPF Approved, otherwise they would be his first choice on the platform. 

Size Guide:

 Measure the circumference of your knee joint, make sure you have the leg locked out and relaxed, then use the size guide to best match the size knee sleeve for you. Please bear in mind if you have large calves you may need to go up a size in order to get the knee sleeves on. Likewise, if you have particularly small calves, then you may prefer to go down a size.

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