Gateway Briefs 2-Ply

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Whether you’re just entering the world of geared powerlifting, or you’re a pro who needs a milder set of briefs for your lighter squat and deadlift days, the Spud Inc. Gateway Briefs are the answer. The easy-on, easy-off Gateway Briefs provide mild hip compression that supports and warms your joints while enabling you to overload your squat and deadlift safely without risk to your hips. And if you’re just learning the geared squat, the Gateway Briefs can give you an easier transition than traditional briefs.




10-12.5 st. (140–180 lbs)


12.5-15.5 st. (180–220 lbs)


15.5-18.5 st. (220–260 lbs)


18.5-21 st. (260-300 lbs)

  • Made in USA

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Do the Spud Gateway 2-ply briefs have the straps to pull them up , are they black. I use inzer preds and Metal Ace briefs. Im just over 300 Ib/ 21 stone 9 Ib will the 2XL fit ok and pull up on me ?

    yes they do have the straps to pull them up. 

    yes they are black. 

    Its hard to tell on the best size, we do offer returns if they don't fit.