Spud Inc Belt Squat Belt

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Train your lower body without placing a heavy load on your spine.

The Belt Squat Belt is designed for maximal comfort on your hips while allowing you to use heavier weights to train your legs. This belt is great for athletes to use in the season to train legs without taxing the entire body. The belt squat belt is also a great way for athletes with back pain to squat without the axial loading that a bar places on the spine (causing back pain to worsen). Belt squats are a great way to take a break from the typical squat routine and still hit your legs hard.

The belt squat belt comes in three sizes: Regular, Medium, and Small.

  • The small size is for youth athletes and small-framed adults.
  • The regular size is for lifters over 150 lbs
  • The medium is best for people who find themselves needing less length than the regular provides. We would recommend the medium size for using with the Barbell Strap.

Belt Squat Belt with Chain, and Carbine Hooks x 2:

This option includes a 2' chain and two, 1" Carbine Hooks.

Can be used with the following type of loading:

  • Belt Squat Machine
  • Barbell Strap via chain and 2 carbine hooks. 
  • Loading Kettlebells, regular weights, dumbells and other odd weights via chain and 2 carbine hooks

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  • Hi, could you suggest correct size for the Spud inc Belt Squat Belt please. I'm just under 6ft tall, skinny 11 stone guy with a 32 inch waist. Kind regards John Burston

    Most lifters would benefit from using the regular belt, the small is for small lifters, and the medium is for regular lifters that just don't want the strap to be so long, as they have a specific exercise in mind that doesn't need the extra length ( such as using it with the barbell Strap for Hip belt Squats)

  • What is a maximum weight for this belt I need a belt to last lifting 300/350 front belt squat without breaking

    Hi, the Spud Inc Belt Squat Belt is made to a very high quality. Although Spud Inc have not published the maximum load for the belt, it could easily handle weights in excess of 350kg.

  • Would the medium be OK for use with attaching kettlebell and or olympic plates?? Given the shorter length? What are the dimensions?

    The overall length from O-ring to O-ring is 115cm. So you would need to check how this would fit on you. With the 2' chain included, I would think this would work well with kettlebells or Olympic plates, just as long as the O-rings met once the belt was placed around your hips.

  • Will the medium fit OK for 100kg person? As I see the regular is out of stock. Any idea when it will be back in?? Thanks

    The Medium will fit around the hips the same as the regular, however, the length of the straps leading up to the O-rings is less, so it really depends what you plan to use it for. We will have more Regulars arriving in 3-4 weeks time if you would rather wait.