Men's Pro Series Belt 3-Ply

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Spud Inc.’s Pro Series Belt is far more flexible than a traditional weightlifting belt, with soft but sturdy 3-ply material that protects without restricting the athlete. An easy-adjust ratchet allows lifters to cinch the belt as tight or as loose as their session demands, making it perfect for deadlifts, Olympic lifts, or any exercise that requires the extra mobility. 


Note: Measure the area of the stomach where the belt will be worn with a relaxed stomach (not sucked in or pushed out). Subtract 2” from that measurement to find your belt size on the chart. Ex: Belly measures 36” - 2” = 34”, which is in the Large size range.

  • Small: 25” - 28”
  • Medium: 28” - 32”
  • Large: 33” - 38”
  • XL: 38” - 44” 
  • 2XL: 44” - 50”


  • Made in America
  • Woven Nylon

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi I am interested in this belt but wondered if you had many issues with the ratchet breaking or not lasting long? Any other info on the belt would be good too Thanks Dan

    Hi, We have been in touch with Spud Inc regarding this, and got this reply:

    we had a couple of manufacturers making the belts and one used a ratchet that was not up to par. This was a couple of years back and since then, we have cut out that manufacturer making the belts, which has eliminated those errors. A lot of issues now are not fishing the strap through the ratchet hole and then not feeding it back through to tighten it down. Here is a video to demonstrate.