Travelling Farmers Walks

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Train the farmer’s walk without buying expensive and space-inefficient handles. The Spud Inc. Traveling Farmer Walk Handles are perfect for strongmen training at home, turning any 20kg or 25kg plate into a fully adjustable farmer’s walk handle that you can pack up in your bag once you’re done. 

With a maximum weight capacity of more than you can pick up, the rotating handles make holding heavy weight even more of a challenge to build your grip, stabilizers, hips and traps like nothing else.

Each set includes two 8’ straps with two handles and an industrial slide buckle to fasten the weight and adjust for your height. The handles have a steel core coated with a 6”x1.5” textured rubber that won’t tear your hands up during use.


- Made in America

- 72”x3” Straps

- Colour: Black

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Ask a Question
  • I do not have olympic plates, it it ok with just normal plates?

    Unfortunately not, the handles on the farmers walk have a bigger diameter than the hole on standard plates, so you wouldn't be able to pass them through.