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The Standard set allows the lifter to train from 1" off the chest up to 6" off the chest. Offering you a good range of options for working different sticking points in the Bench Press lift. 

This set comes with:

1 x Chest Strap - This attaches around the torso area, and is used to attach the Baseboard to the Chest area. The Chest Strap is made from an elasticated material so will fit any size chest.

1 x Baseboard – This is the initial board that is attached to either the chest strap or the bench block. The Baseboard alone allows you to work 1" off the chest when attached to the Chest Strap, and 2" off the chest when attached to the Bench Block. 

1 x Bench Block - This attaches to the Barbell, and on its own allows you to train 1" off the chest.

3 x Repboards – Once you have the Baseboard attached to either the Chest Strap or Bench Block, you can connect additional Repboards to the Baseboard. Each Repboard adds 1.5" to the stack.

Repboards are :

  • Durable, they are made from a high compression strength foam, they will last a lifetime
  • Compact, easily stow away in your gym bag
  • Comfortable
  • Easily attached to the chest or to the Barbell
  • Easily interlocked and detached, and no limit on the number of boards you can add
  • Adaptable to a variety of exercises

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  • Is the Bench block necessary in order to attach the base boards to the chest, or can you attach the base board directly to the chest strap? Many thanks

    The Bench Block is only necessary if you wish to attach the boards to the barbell. If you just want to use the boards on your chest, then all you need is the chest strap and a baseboard, then any addtional boards you require. Hope that helps :)

  • I live in the USA, but the link for the American site brings me right back to the UK site. Can I order from the UK site?

    Yes we fulfil many orders from U.S.A. We send with Royal Mail International shipping tracked & signed. 

  • How long does it take to ship

    If you order in the UK, then we ship the next day at the latest using Royal Mail 24, these services deliver within 24hours. If you are in Europe you need to allow 4-7days. Outside of Europe takes between 7-14days normally, but sometimes a little longer depending on the customs process in the destination country.

  • Hey, How can I get an extra strap? I lost mine during a move.

    HI, you can now buy just the chest strap here: