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This is to purchase the Bench Block ONLY. No additional Repboards for attaching to the Bench Block are included. 

The Bench Block allows you to attach Repboards to the barbell securely. This makes it a lot easier to share a set of Repboards during a bench session, as the Repboards can be attached to the barbell rather than the lifter. 

The Bench Block is moulded from a single piece of high-compression strength foam, which allows for a very secure fit to standard and Olympic size barbells. The bottom side of the Bench Block is covered in Velcro. This allows the Repboards Baseboard to be securely attached to it.

On its own the Bench Block allows the lifter to train 1 inch off the chest. When attached to the 1-inch Baseboard, it allows the lifter to train 2 inches off the chest.

Additional Repboards can then be attached to the Baseboard. 

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  • Hi what diameter barbell does this suit? I have a 15kg ironedge barbell..

    Not familiar with that particular barbell, the bench block fits onto Olympic Bars, which normally weight 20kg. 

  • It should be a mall case checking that one out. usually, 15 kg's womens bar, are 25 mm in diameter, OL bars 28, Powelifting bars 30 mm ? regards

    The block will fit perfectly on the OL bar and Powerlifting bar, however we can't guarantee it would grip well enough to the 15kg bar, as the slot on the bench bloke has a diameter of 26mm, although,  it does have lips on even side which might be enough to hold it in place.