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Developed by powerlifting legend Donnie Thompson and Spud Inc, the Casual Bowtie is a simple accessory for everyday life, helping to counteract the slouched posture that often develops when working at a computer, driving, or using a mobile phone. Made from a softer material than the Formal Bowtie, this design is optimized for wearing over long periods of time as you go about your day. The webbing harness is light and comfortable and doesn’t encumber movement. It works by subtly encouraging a sustained upright posture, easing tension on the muscles behind the shoulders and also applying light compression to the bicep tendons.

By wearing the Casual Bowtie on a regular basis, the user can create a sense of muscle memory, as the brain will start instructing better posture long after the bowtie is removed. This can have a huge impact on reducing the problems of shoulder pain and tight pecs, and limiting the risk of more serious injuries down the road.

For even more info see Donnie and Spud's video below!


Size Guide

X-Small : < 125LB

Small : 125LB - 150LB

Medium : 150LB - 185LB

Large : 185LB - 225LB

XL : 225LB- 255LB

XXL : 255LB - 275LB

3XL : 275LB - 300LB

4XL : 300+LB


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  • Hi, looking to buy one of these, I’m 158lbs so not quite sure whether to buy small or medium

    Our advice would be to go for the small. You want a tighter fit to help force the shoulders back.