Daniel Bell sets insane 2518lb / 1142kg raw powerlifting world record total



Last weekend saw a host of world class performances at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation's  (WRPF)American Barbell Club Open powerlifting meet in Gainsville, Florida.

But the weekend's stand out performance came from super heavyweight lifter Daniel Bell, who set a new all time world record total by lifting an astonishing 2518lb, or 1142kg in knee wraps-- cementing him as one of the world's strongest powerlifters.

Under WRPF rules a lift is considered 'raw' if it is done without special reinforced powerlifting apparel such as a bench shirt or squat suit, but knee wraps are allowed.

Competing in the +308lb weight class, Bell went 7 for 9 (completing 7 out of his 9 lift attempts) to set the new world record total, beating the previous record of 2514.2lbs / 1140kg set by powerlifting legend Andrey Malanichev in 2016.

Here's a breakdown of Bell's lifts:

Squat: 1063lbs / 482.5kg

Bench: 573lbs / 260kg

Deadlift: 881lbs / 400kg

Total: 1142kg/2518lb

It looks likely that Bell's record will stand for several years. Though considering how composed he was during the lifts, he might beat it himself in the not too distant future.

Despite his success, the meet wasn't all smooth sailing for Bell. During his second deadlift attempt he lost balance for a moment at the top of the lift, stumbling backwards with the 400kg bar still in his hands.

Watch the attempt below:



As elite lifter Dylan Hellreigel commented: “You know you’re f**king strong when you just walk around with 400kg in your hands…” 

Bell explains in the comments that he had originally planned a 903lb / 410kg deadlift on his third attempt, noting that his coach advised him to instead go for 400 again to secure the world record total.

Bell's previous best total was 2458lbs / 1115kg, which he set in 2018. For a powerlifter of Bell's to add almost 30kg to their total in just a year is an incredible feat. Only a fool would bet against him making even bigger waves in the near future.

Author: George West