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The Barbell Strap attaches to any Barbell and allows the lifter to carry out a variety of exercises, including...

Deadlifts - The Barbell Strap offers a great alternative way of carrying out conventional and sumo style Deadlifts. Having the Barbell Strap across the shoulders takes the arms out from the exercise, therefore allowing those with arm or shoulder injuries to still carry out this exercise.

In this video below Larry Wheels shows you how to use the Barbell Strap for Deadlifts and its many benefits.

Good Mornings - This exercise is normally performed by placing the barbell across the back of your shoulders. It can be difficult to locate the Barbell in a comfortable position, especially for the lower position of the exercise. The Barbell Strap can comfortably and securely be rested across the back of your shoulders. Watch the Videos above for a Demonstration.


Some Barbells such as the Rogue Ohio Power Bar 20kg, have very small width lips on the sleeves, as shown in the diagram to the left. 

The Barbell Strap should NOT be used for Hip Belt Squats on Barbells where the lip is 0.5 inches (12.7mm) or less, as there is potential for the O-rings on the Barbell Strap to pass over the Lips.

Zercher Squat - The Zercher Squat is normally performed by placing the Barbell across the front part of your shoulders, which can be uncomfortable for some. The Barbell Strap adds a different spin to this exercise, with the Barbell Strap across the back of the shoulders, the weight is distributed across your back. Yet with the weight of the Barbell located at the front of your body, you still get Quad dominants similar to the Zercher Squat....perhaps this exercise should be known as the Repel Squat. Watch the Video Below for the Demonstration. 

The Barbell Strap is made with Industrial Strength Materials - you will break before the strap does. 

The Tension Buckle Version is our new design and is super strong. See the video above for how this works. It can handle over 500kg and has an easy adjusting system. Also, the overall Barbell Strap length can be reduced a lot more than the chain's version, therefore giving the lifter more range of motion when doing hip belt squats. 

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  • Hi. Can this be used with a titan trap bar? Thanks

    It should be ok, you need to check the lips on the sleeves are the correct size, otherwise, the O-rings on the Barbell strap could slip. Check out the info on the product page.

  • So, of course, I have the Rogue barbell mentioned in the warning on this page. Is this strap usable for the regular deadlifts? Is it just the hip belt squats it's not good for? I need something for deadlifts only. Thanks

    sorry for the late reply, we only just noticed this question. It will be fine for deadlifts, if you wanted to use it for hip belt squats just put on some 1.25/2.5kg plates on first, before attaching the barbell strap.

  • Hi, would this strap also work well with a 1.6 metre Olympic trap bar?

    Yes, it would, as long as the lips of the sleeves are the correct size, as mentioned in the description. We don't have much feedback from customers on how good this is as a setup, our recommendation would be to use an Olympic Barbell.

  • I am operating under the assumption that this assists with lifters with limited hip mobility

    Hi, the Barbell Strap is fully adjustable for people of all sizes and working full and partial ranges of motion on a variety of exercises.

  • Hello, I don't have an olympic bar, just a normal one. Does it works too? I mean to fix it on the sides. Thanks

    Hi, In order to use on a standard bar, you would need to first put on 2 small plates, and then secure the Barbell Strap. This will prevent the Barbell strap from slipping off the sleeves.

  • Does it come with chains

    We have 2 versions, the chain version, which yes, does come with chains, and the Tension Buckle version which uses Tension Buckle straps instead of chains. The Tension Buckle Version can handle a lot more weight.

  • ive recently started to do semi sumo as seems right for my question is can i use my normal hand placing using this strap?

    Check out Larry Wheels video, at 1.33 he mentions using the Barbell Strap for Sumo.

    Here is a link to the vid:

  • Does the barbell strap with chains come with the chains as it shows in the video?

    That's Correct.

  • How wide is the strap and how long for the chain and no chain strap?

    The total length of the strap is 240cm (approx. 95")
    The width is 10cm (approx 4")

    The chain and no chain versions are the same sizes.

  • Do you have any more updates when this is going to be back in stock? Recently had arm surgery and this would be perfect

    We should have the Barbell Strap back in stock by the end of the month. Apologises for the delay.

  • How much does the entire belt weigh, chains and everything? I’m thinking of having a friend bring it with them on the plane.

    1.5kg is the total weight.

  • Does it come in different colours?

    No sorry, not currently.

  • Hi Can the barbell strap be used with a 1inch barbell

    No, the Barbell Strap has been designed to work with Olympic Barbells.

  • What is the maximum weight that the strap can be used with?

    The Weight Limit on the chain version of the Barbell Strap is 400kg. Larry Wheels did lift more than this, but we wouldn't recommend lifting this much weight with the chain version. 

    The Tension Buckle version of the Barbell Strap has been tested with over 500kg. Check out the demonstration video at the end to see one of the tests we carried out.

  • Hello, Recently had hand surgery (actually yesterday morning) and will now not be able to lift using it for a considerable amount of time. I’m very interested in exactly this product but was wondering how involved is your grip strength when deadlifting using this? Resting it on the chain would probably be fine but if it’s used to balance it or stabilize it I might have to wait just a bit. Thank you, Royce Hayes

    Hi Royce, you don't need grip strengh, just a light touch is needed with either hand to help balance it, its like with anythign, practice makes perfect. At first the movement will feel strange, and you will struggle to get the positioning across your back right, but once you do, the Barbell Strap can be balanced with minimal grip.

  • Could this be used with a hex bar for donkey calf raises, by placing the strap over the pelvis

    HI, yes it turns out you can, we just gave it a try, check out the video on instagram