Figure 8 Straps

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Heavy Duty Figure 8 Straps.

A much better alternative to standard lifting straps allows for a more secure grip, and much easier to set up on the Barbell. 

If you find that your grip is always the weakest link when doing the double overhand grip on Deadlifts, then the Repel Bullies Figure 8 straps are ideal.

Some lifters prefer to use a mixed grip on deadlifts, as this allows the lifter to lift the most weight without the use of straps, however, using this grip over time can cause muscle imbalances.  

Repel Bullies Figure 8 Straps are..

  • Made with Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas
  • Padded inside strips for extra comfort on heavy loads
  • Available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to get perfect fit


Measure around your wrist then purchase the closest size to your actual wrist size. 

  • Small (28") - Wrist size up to 17.5cm
  • Medium (30") - Wrist size upto 19cm
  • Large(31") - Wrist size up to 20.5cm
  • X-Large(34") - Wrist size upto 22cm




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