Barbell Strap Instructions



The BARBELL STRAP is not for use by anyone under 16 years of age.

You must obtain appropriate, professional medical clearance before exercising using the BARBELL STRAP.

The BARBELL STRAP is designed to be used in athletic activities – they are not toys.

You must only exercise using the BARBELL STRAP under appropriate, professional supervision and in accordance with the Instructions for Use below.

An appropriate, correctly set up “power rack” should be used for all exercises where the BARBELL STRAP is to be used. The Power Rack Safety pins should always be used for exercises where the barbell is above the knees.  

Stop exercising immediately if you experience discomfort or sharp pain.

There is a risk of injury when doing exercise so everyone using The BARBELL STRAP does so at their own risk.

You must inspect the BARBELL STRAP regularly and in the unlikely event that any degradation of, or damage to, the BARBELL STRAP product has occurred, use of the product must cease immediately and return the product to us.



 The Barbell Strap is made up of the following items:

  • The Barbell Strap – Nylon Strap with 2 D-Rings
  • 2 x O-rings
  • 3 x Carbine Hooks
  • 2 x 5mm Stainless Steel Chain (these are attached to the O-rings)


  1. Firstly you need to slide an O-ring onto both barbell sleeves. If the O-ring is bigger than the lip of the Sleeve, and therefore allows the O-ring to pass over the sleeve onto the shaft of the Barbell, then the Barbell is not suitable for the Barbell Strap.
  2. With the O-rings butted up against the sleeve lips, you then need to either attach one of the Carbine Hooks onto each O-ring directly, or onto one of the links of the chain that is attached to the O-Ring.
  3. Next, take the Barbell Strap and attach the D-rings at either end onto each carbine hooks, making sure that the Barbell Strap logo appears on the top when the Barbell Strap is attached to either end of the Barbell.
  4. The Carbine hooks need to be located in the same position on either end, otherwise the Barbell Strap will not be centrally located.
  5. To adjust the overall length of the Barbell Strap, you need to locate the Carbine hooks into the desired position on either end. Attaching the Carbine hooks to the O-ring directly will give you the shortest possible strap length, attaching to the last chain link on either end will give you the longest possible strap length.
  6. To attach a Dipping Belt to the central loop
    1. Pass one of the dipping belt chains underneath the barbell, and then pass back through the central loop.
    2. Next, connect the chain the other side using the Carbine Hook, now you have the Barbell Strap attached to the barbell
    3. Next you need to pass the same chain back through the central loop, and attach it to the other dipping belt chain in the desired location using the carbine hook supplied with your dipping belt.